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The members of the Joint Committee on Terminology in Canada (JCTC) would like to express their sincere thanks to all those who believed in this project and who, through their invaluable contributions, made the Directory possible.

They especially would like to express their profound appreciation to the members of the Image and Recognition Subcommittee who, under the direction of Nycole Bélanger, set the parameters for the registration form:

  • Francine Doray, Corporate Governance and Terminology, Hydro-Québec;
  • Line Paradis, C. Term., Bank of Canada; and
  • Carole Trottier, C. Term, C. Tr., RBC Financial Group.

The JCTC would also like to thank all those who generously agreed to review the contents of the Directory and provided valuable feedback and suggestions, namely: Clément Croteau (Office québécois de la langue française), Lise Genest (C. Term.), as well as Yolande Bernard and Marie D'Aoûst (Government of Canada's Translation Bureau).

Finally, the Committee would like to thank the Government of Canada's Translation Bureau for the sustained efforts of its specialists who developed the site and Elyse Gendron who coordinated the project.