From April 18-21 & 24-28, 2017, the Government of Canada’s Translation Bureau will hold an accreditation exam for candidates who wish to qualify to work for the Bureau as freelance interpreters in Spanish, English and French. The exam will be held in Ottawa.

The exam is open to residents of Canada who meet the eligibility criteria outlined on the Translation Bureau’s website:

Interested candidates are asked to send an email with the subject heading “Spanish exam 2017” to . The email must include the following:

1.      A c.v. demonstrating that you meet the eligibility criteria.

2.      Please identify Spanish, English and French as your A, B or C language:

a.      A: The interpreter's native language (or another language strictly equivalent to a native language), into which they work from their other languages.

b.      B: A language other than the interpreter's native language, in which they are perfectly fluent and into which they work from their A language.

c.       C: A language which the interpreter understands perfectly but into which they do not work. They only interpret from this language.

3.      The interpretation exams you wish to sit:

a.      Simultaneous interpretation (C>A):

i.      French and/or English into Spanish

ii.      Spanish into French and/or English

b.      Consecutive interpretation (A<>B):

i.      French-Spanish (exam is for both languages)

ii.      English-Spanish (exam is for both languages)


Closing date for applications is March 13, 2017.