The Language Industry Association (AILIA) has a national and international mandate to promote the language industry of Canada. As a result of our mandate and strong history of advancing the Canadian language industry, the Standards Council of Canada has delegated the Chairmanship of ISO/TC37 SMC (SCC National Mirror Committee) to AILIA. The objective of Technical Committee (TC) 37 is the Standardization of principles, methods and applications relating to terminology and other language and content resources in the contexts of multilingual communication and cultural diversity.

In this key leadership role, AILIA will be coordinating nationally with all stakeholders within the language field and will be the Canadian representative liaison with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Maryse M. Benhoff, a member of the Board of Directors of AILIA, has accepted the responsibility of Chairman for a period of 3 years. In this capacity, Maryse will lead the Canadian delegation of experts at the next Annual Meeting in Berlin this June and coordinate with all the experts across the country. Nicole Sevigny, of the Translation Bureau of Canada, to whom Canada owes a debt of gratitude for the years of service as Chairman of the ISO/TC37 SMC and current Chairman has stepped down after diligently serving the National Mirror Committee for the past twelve years. The Translation Bureau of Canada will maintain the Vice-Chairman role of the National Mirror Committee going forward.

AILIA is proud to take on this leadership role and looks forward to continuing to contribute to the strengthening of the language industry in Canada as well as representing Canada Internationally.

* * * * *

AILIA also has representatives working on the ISO Subcommittees which are the “Translation Services Standard (17100)”, “Interpreting — General requirements and recommendations for interpreters, interpreting service providers and requesters of interpreting services  (18841)”, “Interpreting Guidelines for Community Interpreting (13611)”, “Translation services Post-editing of machine translation output (18587)” as well as in the group that is creating the terminology for those standards though the work of “ISO 5127 Information and Documentation Foundation and Vocabulary”.