Benchmarking and comparative analysis of the language industryResults from the benchmarking and comparative analysis of the language industry, by the Translation Bureau, have just come out this month!

In 2011-2012, the Translation Bureau (the Bureau) carried out a series of initiatives aimed at obtaining feedback from clients, the language industry and the Canadian public in order to refine its understanding of the environment and learn more about the practices of Canadian and international organizations.

The analysis includes information on emerging trends and challenges in our industry. This information is useful, as it allows us to position ourselves for the future. One of the key themes of the benchmarking and comparative analysis is the insufficient level of investment in technology

As the benchmarking and comparative analysis reminds us, Canada is a leader in the translation market. All of us—freelance translators and interpreters, large translation companies, universities, language associations and the Bureau's language professionals included—help make Canada stand out. We also all share responsibility for its future. The world is going through a major transformation, society is changing, and Canada's language sector must do the same.

Image Complete report, Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis (PDF format, 672 Ko)