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The translation sector is comprised of different sectors that can be broken down into the following main areas:

  • Translation
  • Localization/Globalization (software and Web)
  • Interpretation
  • Dubbing
  • Terminology

Translation is the lifeblood of the language industry. AILIA advocates on behalf of the sector by raising awareness of the important role its members play in providing the many services that strengthen our
communities, by providing timely and useful information, and by supporting Canada’s bilingual identity.

A Valued Service Provider

Thousands of certified translation professionals and businesses across Canada contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy. With the sector employed across many fields, its collective interests are represented through the activities of AILIA working closely with other associations.

With Expertise in Many Areas of Translation

The industry is composed of experts operating within municipalities, across all provinces and territories, and within the full spectrum of services, including interpretation and localization.

From health and social services to insurance and banking, to technology and computer sciences, to law and international business, to the arts and entertainment, translation embraces the very fabric of Canadian society, culture and commerce.

Striving to Establish Awareness and Recognition

With such a diversity of activities and about one third of the market coming from exports, Canadian translation promotion needs to be collaborative and focused to build recognition of the industry’s economic significance and of its potential to be globally competitive.

AILIA helps build awareness about the services of all of its members in translation, across all segments of activity, whether operating within a public institution or as a business.



Translation 2012 (PDF, 298 Kb)