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The language technologies sector is comprised of different sectors that can be broken down into the following main areas:

Language technology is a strategic sector of the industry. AILIA supports innovation and technology adoption in the industry, to help retain Canada’s competitive advantage and to identify and address the needs of the sector’s clients in Canada and the global market.

Technology: Essential tool for the Industry

With the translation and training sectors struggling to address industry growth rates of up to 25% per year, there is a greater need to develop and adopt new technologies. AILIA facilitates information sharing and supports the networking activities of technology researchers and developers who are addressing the technology needs of the industry.

Working from the Technology Roadmap

AILIA collaborates with others on the promotion and adoption of a Language Technology Roadmap. This Roadmap is designed to identify the technology knowledge, skills and support strategies required by the industry.

AILIA is helping technology developers align their activities to the needs of the industry, to seek out development assistance opportunities, and to organize events and activities that encourage information exchanges between developers and the industry.

Focused on Commercializing Applications into Businesses

Speech processing, machine translation, content management, language technologies for the web, and language e-learning are all driving the multi-billion dollar language technology revolution. AILIA is working to help Canadian ingenuity fuel this revolution, focusing on specific technologies identified in the Roadmap and by supporting technology adoption in the translation and training sectors.



Language Technologies - 2012 (PDF, 290 Kb)


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