Language Technologies Committee


The mandate of AILIA’s Technology Committee is to promote the exchange of information and to share experience between Committee members and other AILIA committees, as well as AILIA members in general.


The objectives of AILIA’s Technology Committee are as follows:

  • Promote language technologies sectors:

    • Automated translation; translation and terminology tools
    • Digital content management (creation, revision, cultural and linguistic adaptation, discovery, reuse, document management and broadcasting)
    • Speech processing (voice recognition, signal processing and text-to-speech conversion)
    • Language e-learning (static content, interactive content and adaptive content)
  • Promote the exchange of information between various language industry stakeholders: businesses, public and parapublic organizations (NGOs), SMEs and self-employed workers.
  • Promote interaction between industry researchers and stakeholders in order to promote the development of language technologies.
  • Create links with R&D and business associations and networks in order to expand the visibility of language technologies.


  • Maintain the language technology sectors business directory, including businesses not naturally associated with language technology sectors.
  • Organize workshops at the AILIA Showcase.
  • Networking activities, including facilitating social networks on Web 2.0.