AILIA Membership Benefits

AILIA is the national association of the language industry in Canada that speaks for its members in a unified voice to defend economic interests in a global competitive market place.

AILIA works with its members in the translation and interpretation, training and technology sectors to facilitate collaboration, increase the profile of the language industry, share information, encourage networking and help to promote growth in all sectors.

When you participate in AILIA you become part of the association’s agenda to help you to build your business, understand and influence market trends, expand and develop the Canadian marketplace, strive for product and service excellence in your sector, and participate in defining Canada’s role in the global marketplace.  

AILIA helps you to become an active participant in Canada’s language industry by:

  • providing a forum to share your views;
  • supporting professional development;
  • identifying and facilitating market opportunities;
  • providing industry information that might impact your business;
  • promoting industry sectors and building market presence across Canada;
  • forming association partnerships to consolidate industry interests;
  • representing your interests at all levels of government;
  • participating in program and policy formulation at the national and international level;
  • advocating collectively on issues which support members’ interests;
  • providing research and information exchange;
  • leveraging the status of the association to obtain group buy benefits;
  • becoming known and networking in the industry; and
  • participating in events and conferences.

We invite you to participate not only as a member, but to join our sector-based, pro-active committees and working groups in developing tangible ways and means to build our future economic success.

Join AILIA as an Individual member, a Corporate member, an Associate/Non-profit member working within the language industry, as an International Associate nember and as a Student member. 

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