2011-12 Work Plan

Under the Government of Canada’s Language Industry Program, AILIA received funding in fiscal year 2011-12 to undertake a number of activities to promote Canada's Language Industries and to assist related Canadian businesses to pursue new opportunities for growth. The Work Plan was developed in collaboration with our funding partner and represents a key focus of the varied activities that the Association will undertake in the year ahead.

The Industry

The industry being addressed though the Work Plan include the three sub-Sectors, translation and interpretation services, language training and language technologies.

The Work Plan for 2011-12

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement with the government of Canada, AILIA has developed this Work Plan to guide its activities in support of the goals of the government's Language Industries program. The Work Plan reflects the priorities set out in the Agreement which cover a variety of Promotional and Innovation-related activities.


The over-riding goals of the Work Plan are designed ensure that the industry;

  • continues to have a high-quality work force,
  • is positioned as a professional and increasingly innovative business sector, and;
  • has an industry association that helps to ensure that its members’ preoccupations and interests are represented at public policy-making fora that address issues of relevance to the Sector.


The target audiences for these efforts include students and faculty in language industry-related disciplines, workers and businesses operating within the Sector, the language technology research community and public policy makers at the provincial and federal levels.


Key activities included in the plan are outlined below.

Online media strategy - recognizing the growing reliance of many of our target audiences on the internet and social media,  the Association is taking steps to update and enrich the information available on its website and to explore ways to use new media to our collective advantage. New information will be added in the months ahead to address interest in learning more about our industry, industry trade and marketing efforts, events of interest to the membership, educational and employment opportunities, information of specific interest for members and sponsors, as well as the development of feedback mechanisms to encourage dialogue with our members and other interested parties to continually improve our information offerings.

Promotional Efforts - enhanced and timely information on the industry, promotion of the standards, career and language industry marketing opportunities will be features of our marketing efforts. Material will be posted online to facilitate downloading for the use of members and those interested in assisting the industry in pursing the collective goals of recruiting the next generation of workers. Information will be provided to help those wishing to pursue and secure new business opportunities. In addition, the association is exploring ways to undertake specifically targeted promotional efforts to achieve certain goals, including having a presence at Career and trade fairs, promoting educational offerings for interested students and promoting the adoption of professional standards.

Media Relations - efforts will ensure that the Association has the capacity to work with traditional print and electronic media as a way of promoting the activities of the Association and the industry and also providing needed information to media representatives .

Outreach- engaging with our members, industry workers, employers, governments, researchers as well as the educational and student communities are a renewed priority for the Association. The goal of these efforts will be to seek input on the Association’s current and planned activities, assist us in our strategic planning, identify emerging issues of concern and engage interested parties in joining us in our efforts to strengthen the industry.

AILIA Events - as in previous years, AILIA will host an annual meeting, Showcase, in the Fall of 2011, to review our collective efforts and encourage participants to make their views known on their concerns and aspirations. In addition, the Association will continue to host regional events across the country to provide industry representatives with a chance to meet their colleagues, network and discuss matters of mutual interest. We also plan to launch later this year, a series of web- or telephony-based seminars on technical or work-related matters of particular concern to the industry.

Standards Development and Innovation - the Association will continue to bring a focus to collective efforts to ensure that the industry is positioned as an emerging innovator. Areas of interest include providing input to ensure that our voices are heard at public policy-making fora addressing matters that may have an impact on the growth and sustainability of our industry, encouraging the adoption of professional standards and certification and also promoting the creation and adoption of new language-related technologies.